Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm back - Eighteen days since my previous entry. School hasn't been entirely rewarding but I'll survive. I've got a plethora of thoughts to express but almost zilch words to describe how life has been treating me of late. Nonetheless, here's another Instagram update!


Pictures feature Singapore Designer Labels QUAINTHOOD, ffayth and FOREWORD at Parco Next NEXT 2012, dinner at Medzs with the OM girls (courtesy of Apple's Dad!), Gerald's Superga sneakers, Mom's birthday celebration at BUNKER, brunch with Adelia at Food For Thought and redundant but mandatory snapshots of myself and the food I indulge in. Another update soon!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


My eyes have been fixed on this "New Post" page for almost an hour now and I've yet to decide how I should go about resurrecting this space perfectly. More often than not, pictures taken during the period of absence are thrown at readers to compensate for the lack of updates. Follow suit, I shall.

Some visuals throughout March and early April:

On a side note, school's starting in three days - which evidently means escalating the great school hill five days a week, endless assignments to fulfill and scanty sleep hours. Wish me luck.