Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nordic Tendencies

It's been months following the acquiring of my "new" room ;
What more could a Libran do besides give in to her imaginative
(absurd, I mean) juices with the bare space at her disposal?

Of course, my obsession with the aesthetics of Scandinavian
design (or simply put: The coalescence of function and simplicity)
was pivotal in completing this mildly-adorned wall. 

Design/Do-It-Yourself Apparel Rack

I picked out the most unembellished shelf brackets and grabbed
two abandoned black powder-coated metal rods (with one as spare),
while the crackerjack crafter - otherwise known as my father - sawed
the rods to length.

As with all other coarse chores in the household, credits to the
patriarch for piecing this one-off, suspended handiwork
I've envisaged for a while now.