Thursday, June 21, 2012


1. Procès: Maybelline Gel Liner / 2. With Portia - Chicken Rice in the wee hours of the morning.

3. With Apple - Our supposed "Brunch" at Hatched / 4. Corn flakes, sun-dried cranberries and natural low-fat yogurt combo before visiting the doctor.

5. Laura, Myself, Kim and Sheena at Fashion Feud 2012 / 6. Isn't Sheena adorable?

7. Just Tiara and I fooling around with dolly eyes / 8. Pre-photoshoot.

9. Trial Recording in TV Production / 10. My image for our Projection-themed photoshoot.

11. Monochrome floral jacquard seen in Manning Cartell's SS12 Collection at MBFWA / 12. Revamped TV studio.

13. New fragrance from Salvatore Ferragamo (thanks Mom!) / 14. Dinner at Cahaya after a long day's work.

15. Pattern play - haven't got a chance to bring this pair of lovely shorts out / 16. Yep, one poor excuse of a cam-whore.

17. Morgen Sonne / 18. My most favourite pair of spectacles broke - Au revoir, lunettes des marques. You served me well.

I know, I know. Instagram has moderately elbowed its way into all of our lives - to a point whereby my camera hasn't seen daylight for nearly a few weeks. As abashed as I am, my current status remains: Fainéant. I'll curb my lazy ways... soon.


  1. I like your pretty visuals and you've got great style :)