Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Do pardon my lengthy disappearance for the past few weeks - I've spent days being a loyal participant of the oh-so-repetitive marathon called "school", and also the very rewarding Chinese New Year that has left me $xxx richer. Speaking of which, this outfit I sported today has got to be the simplest ensemble that is comme il faut for visitations. The best part of it? It costs less than S$130 - pretty worth it, I would say. How was everyone else's holiday?

p.s. Ignore my rough-looking hands (yes, I do chores) and my odd-looking fingers (my ring was slipping off and I had to keep it in place)



  1. Hey I know this is weird to be commenting your jan post but where did you get that top? THANKS!

    1. It's fine - It's from my work place (Oakham Market), it's sold out though :/